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Deadlines for Minnesota Farmers to Sign Up for NAP Program

Posted on February 25, 2016

One way farmers can protect themselves against losing all of their income due to bad weather is with the Non-insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program, 2016 NAP Application Deadline - pg 1known as NAP. NAP is run by the Farm Service Agency (also called FSA), part of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. NAP does not cover all of your financial losses due to natural disaster, but it will replace some of the lost income. Farmers are not required to participate in NAP. It is a voluntary program.

NOTE: In Minnesota, the deadline for most spring seeded crops (fresh vegetables) is March 15, 2016. The deadline to apply for NAP coverage depends upon where you farm and which crop(s) you plan to grow. Click here to learn more about NAP, farmer deadlines, and fees for NAP coverage.


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