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Farmers’ Guide to Minnesota Lending Law (Second Edition)
March 1, 2003

Credit is the lifeblood of farming. Farming without a working knowledge of lending law – or the resources to buy legal assistance – can have devastating results. Serious price, production, and weather difficulties almost always become credit problems. The stark and ongoing reality is that many mortgaged farms are lost or nearly lost to foreclosure, property pledged as collateral is repossessed, judgment liens are entered – and the livelihood of Minnesota’s family farmers is threatened in these circumstances.

Credit problems are almost always legal problems. In an ideal world, the law would be clear enough and the legal system fair enough that everyone would be on a more or less even footing in legal matters. Unfortunately, the law can be complicated, and even where the law is simple at its core, legal language is confusing and difficult.

This updated and revised edition of the Farmers’ Guide to Minnesota Lending Law gives farmers timely information on important lending law topics.

A bound copy of the book is available without cost to financially distressed Minnesota farmers by calling 1-877-860-4349. For other persons, the charge is $20 per book plus shipping, and orders can be placed by clicking here.

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