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Farmers’ Guide Carbon Market Contracts in Minnesota, First Edition January 2023
January 11, 2023

FLAG is proud to have partnered with Minnesota Farmers Union and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to create this Farmers’ Guide to Carbon Market Contracts in Minnesota. This Guide is a direct response to the questions and concerns raised by Minnesota farmers. With one fifth of the world’s largest companies setting net-zero emissions targets, farmers are being asked to make changes to their operations that sequester carbon and sell companies ‘credit’ for sequestered carbon. These relationships between farmers, large companies, and often third-party verifiers are defined by contracts. If you have any legal questions about carbon market contracts, please do not hesitate to contact FLAG’s attorneys. Farmers, farm advocates, farm attorneys, and others, please consult, download, print, or share the guide for free.

Download here: Farmers’ Guide Carbon Market Contracts in Minnesota – First Edition January 2023